Unleash Your Inner Fun with the Latest Must-Have Products

Unleash Your Inner Fun with the Latest Must-Have Products

This was only my second year of doing shows and festivals.  I have to say it went pretty well and I really enjoyed the interaction with real live customers and talking about the process I use in making my polymer clay objects.  (those of you who know me understand that talking was never an issue with me).

I am always trying to make my booth more professional and appealing to those walking by. One of the things I decided to to was to add a 8x10' backdrop with four very large close ups of pieces of my works. 

I really like how the booth is progressing, and something quite interesting happened. People loved the display but didn't quite get what it was representing.  Instead I got comments like "wow I love those designs, do you sell them as prints?"  I started thinking about it and thought not prints but maybe silk scarfs with the designs printed on them would be interesting.  I scoured the internet and came up with a great company that will not only print my scarves, but drop ship them directly from my website as well.  I had several printed to test the quality and will have them at my shows and the gallery in Fairfax (Wander In) for sale. 

Not to be satisfied with just scarves, I also noticed that I can also design and sell Vegan Leather bags in a couple of different sizes.  The  bags are so much fun to design and really turned out great as well.  SOOOOO now I am introducing our new product line...They will be in limited amounts at shows, but you can find them on my website in lots of different designs, and I am constantly updating it as I design new polymer clay pieces.  They even make leggings, and I am thinking about getting a pair to match one of my bowls to wear at shows this coming season!


I also just ordered on of the bigger tote bags...also Vegan leather.  I will post them on my site as soon as I get them in and make sure the quality is up to standards...stay tuned.  What do you think about these.  I would love your feedback

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