My silly season

My silly season

I finished my last show of the season about a week ago and while everyone else is running around crazy getting ready for Christmas, for me this is my time to take a breath.  That means organizing my office (it was a mess now it's not) and updating my website, and actually creating a real blog.  Done and Done. 

Before things get hectic once again, I am focusing on new plans and ideas for this year.  A couple of really exciting things are happening.  First of all I am really excited to announce that I will be part of a brand new gallery in Fairfax called "Wander In". There are some wonderful artists participating and is sponsored by the Fairfax City Economic Development and the Old Town Fairfax Business Association. The most exciting thing is I hope to be teaching some classes there very soon.  I would love some feedback about what kind of classes everyone would be interested in.  Right now I'm thinking classes at all different levels from kids to aspiring clayers.  Maybe some mommy and me classes in the summer.  Stay tuned...

Also I hope you take the time to check out some of the new collections on my website.  Besides bowls and teapots, we have added silk scarves and Vegan leather crossbody bags.  The designs of these are all taken directly from photos of my polymer clay art.  The results are both stunning and super fun!

Til next time.


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